Xchange with the Community

filmpsa Many manufacturers are now creating hoverboards that pass mechanical, environmental, and electrical tests, but that doesn’t mean kids will use safe behaviors all the time. Kids are riding hoverboards on streets and sidewalks that weren’t designed for them. In fact, few places have guidelines on safe usage. That’s where you come in! Design a Public Service campaign that highlights the safe use of hoverboards in cities around the world.
  • Research hoverboard safety rules in a specific city or country (for a real challenge, choose one that’s not your own)
  • Come up with rules / standards for safe hoverboard use, or complement existing ones
  • Develop a Public Service Campaign to share those rules / standards with kids and parents
  • Create a magazine ad that talks about safe hoverboard use
  • Develop a :30 PSA
  • Share it with us!  Your video could be featured on the XplorLabs website!