Xchange with the Community

designhoverboard   What’s the next big thing in personal transportation? Encourage your class to imagine a new way to travel, and have them write and design promotional ads introducing this new means of travel to the world. The challenge is to come up with an advertising campaign that would emphasize the safety engineering that went into designing the new product and create ads aimed at kids and parents to share.
  • Sketch a new design for personal transportation device
  • Develop a new name for your device
  • List three safety engineering innovations you included in your design
  • Develop an ad campaign to market and sell your product
  • Create a print ad or social media promotion (don’t forget your hashtags)
  • Develop a :30 commercial to sell your creation to the world
  • Share it with us!  Your video could be featured on the XplorLabs website!
I designed an 18 Wheeler Hoverboard. It has 18 wheels so it is able to go across tough terrain. The board is powered by 2 batteries that can be charged with 1 cord that plugs into a outlet in the center. The board has foot grips (for extra grippy action) and is shaped like a skateboard. I hope you like my design, and I hope people use it in the future.
SafetyDawg22 your design is quite unique. Very clever to use 18 wheels for rugged terrain, and the addition of foot grips is brilliant. I wonder, what is the material you were thinking of using for the foot grips? Don’t forget, even though you have 2 batteries you still have to make sure to match the batteries with the charger output – remember not too overload the batteries! Great job!